Misty Cove Wines

The wine for good times

A landmark rebrand

To commemorate a decade of success, Misty Cove came to us to rethink and help them map out the next chapter of their epic journey through the treacherous waters of viticulture with a refreshed identity. Misty, had matured and transformed over the years, into more than just a wine label but a lifestyle brand, characterised by people, music, culture and of course good times. The brand and labelling especially, needed to reflect this.

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Conquering the world with great wine and good times.

Over the past decade, Misty Cove had gone from strength to strength. New products, limited edition launches, canned wine and expansion into the U.S, were milestones, all representing this little kiwi brand successfully taking on the world. Now, with a dedicated consumer base, we decided to create experiences and packaging that celebrated a voyage shared.

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As a part of Misty Cove's push into unchartered waters we worked with them on creating New Zealand's first ever wine in a can. Along with all the illustrations, packaging and copy we also shot a series of humorous videos to promote the advantages of canned wine, hashtag 'can-do-better' - probably the best wine in a can ever!

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Limited run premium offering

With only 3000 bottles of each variety available, the Fifth Innings Pinot Noir and Waitaria organic co-ferment blend bottles needed a unique and sophisticated design to reflect their limited availability and premium, unique quality. 

Waitaria Wine Bottle
Waitaria Wine Bottles
Waitaria Wine Bottle
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"Brave helped us create Misty Cove."

"From the name to our ongoing creative concepts, they’ve been with us since the beginning and are the ideal partners to bring the brand to life. Their out of the box thinking, attention to detail and great banter is second to none and we are consistently happy with the results the produce."

Andrew Bailey
Founder, Misty Cove Wines
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