Mountain Jade approached us to help them carve out a brand strategy as timeless as the pieces they’re renowned for.

The idea of a journey, solidified by Mountain Jade’s continued pursuit of quality jade from around the world, provided a valuable insight into the company that revealed their brand essence ‘Forever Discovering’. 

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This journey begins with their intention to unearth stones of unmatched quality, through to the carving process, one of continual learning and revelation, to the respect and discovery of the culture cemented in jade’s history and the carving process, to finally, the customer’s journey discovering their jewellery and immersing themselves in this history too. 

Educational retail space design

Our work continued in the physical spaces, such as the workshops and stores and their flagship Auckland Airport store, where our brand collateral sits proudly, complementing the raw and finished works and the in-store aesthetic. 


Editorial Writing


Motion Video Direction

Motion Video Production

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