Mountain Jade

Carved for generations

Sharing the beauty of jade with the world. 

Mountain Jade are one of NZ’s largest jade producers, with an eclectic team of sculptors crafting exquisite pieces for the local and international markets. 

They approached us to help them carve out a brand strategy as timeless as the pieces they’re renowned for. From a refined design palette and identity, to tone of voice, messaging, campaign work, and a beautiful e-commerce platform, we continue to work with Mountain Jade on all things brand, growing their online business by 95% within the first 10 months of our partnership. 

We are proud to be continuing with Mountain Jade on this journey today, helping them share the beauty of jade with New Zealand and the world. 

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The idea of a journey, solidified by Mountain Jade’s continued pursuit of quality jade from around the world, provided a valuable insight into the company that revealed their brand essence ‘Forever Discovering’. This journey begins with their intention to unearth stones of unmatched quality, through to the carving process, one of continual learning and revelation, to the respect and discovery of the culture cemented in jade’s history and the carving process, to finally, the customer’s journey discovering their jewellery and immersing themselves in this history too. 

Discovering digital success

With a diverse number of local and international customers we knew we needed to create an online space as refined and immersive as the physical workspace and showroom environment. We crafted an online space intended for maximum visual impact, beautiful imagery was displayed in a gallery style manner, with shots of the sculpting process, and of artist profiles.

An intuitive shopping experience on any device.

With seamless UX/UI functionality, we ensured customers could discover and learn about all Mountain Jade had to offer with ease, taking visitors on a visual journey through this discovery process.

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Educational retail space design

Our work continued in the physical spaces, such as the workshops and stores and their flagship Auckland Airport store, where our brand collateral sits proudly, complementing the raw and finished works and the in-store aesthetic. 

Sustainable packaging

A focus on sustainability meant packaging needed to be eco-friendly, reducing waste and leaving a better planet for generations to come. We designed subtle, tactile pieces with Mountain Jade branding. The environmentally friendly stone-paper packaging spoke to the continued celebration of nature and mirrored the idea of the jade discovering process yet again - a subtle stone cover that when opened revealed the natural beauty within. 

"I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation"

Brave have added more value than we could have imagined. Their creative and strategic work directly contributed to a 95% revenue increase in the first ten months and has positioned us to easily exceed these numbers as we continue working together.

Jacob Sheehan
E-Commerce Manager, Mountain Jade
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