We could all use a mate like Trev. Trustworthy, reliable and always ready to lend a hand. Trev is a farm reporting app that helps farmers stay one step ahead of the herd. 

Do it once and do it right.

Trev is big on efficiency. Speed and efficiency were a priority so when it comes to recording data, we designed a seamless user interface that guides farmers through the process in less than 10. On ya Trev.

The right info with the right people

A trusted confidante, Trev is great at sharing the right level of detail. Our final product allowed for the creation of outputs for farm managers, senior managers, shareholders, farm consultants and even neighbours. A range of PDF reports and dashboards could automatically be downloaded, or web links generated to share reports in real time.

Dressing to Impress

Not that he’d tell you himself, but Trev’s a flash bugger. We gave Trev a fresh brand identity, with a logo, custom iconography and a contemporary web-design that with aesthetic and functional appeal.

The beauty of Trev is in its simplicity.

While the software that drives it is incredibly complex, Trev delivers insights in a clear, easily understood format. Much of this is in the visual aspects of the software, so to complement this, we created engaging sketches that supported that same idea. By using colour and friendly, approachable sketches, we offset the data-centric nature of the product and showcased it’s very human application.

At the end of the day, Trev is there to make life easier for farmers. With these visual additions, we reminded them that they were at the heart of Trev.




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