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Mountain Jade is one of NZ’s largest jade producers, with an eclectic team of sculptors handcrafting pieces of traditional and contemporary designs. 

With a diverse number of local and international customers, we knew we needed to create an online space as refined and immersive as the physical workspace and showroom environment. We crafted an online space intended for maximum visual impact, beautiful imagery was displayed in a gallery style manner, with shots of the sculpting process, and of artist profiles.

The site and associated digital strategy was a resounding success, driving a 95% revenue increase in the first year of release.

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BrandingUX / UIDevelopmentStrategy

Sothys Cosmetics came to us looking for a beautiful and inviting website to showcase and sell their high-end cosmetics online. They have an extensive product range - this led our design process and the prioritisation of prominent and intuitive navigation that guided customers through the store. We paired this with high-quality imagery, clear product information and links to local clinics for local advice.

The result was a site as elegant and understated as the brand with a 65% goal completion rate in the first 6 months.

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DesignUX / UIDevelopmentContent

Elegant high-end jewellery, David Keefe required a digital platform as inviting and inspiring as their physical stores. Using Drupal, we created a store with a high degree of configurability, designed to showcase their diverse range of products. We wanted the product imagery to take centre-stage, much like the physical store, allowing viewers to fall in love with the pieces, able to be explored in detail.

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DesignUX / UIDevelopment

Our Approach


As with any project, we begin with strategy. eCommerce is one component of a brand’s overall digital experience. We work to ensure this experience is cohesive, consistent with the ultimate brand direction and most of all, functional and appealing to the end consumer.


Insights are born from effective strategy and these provide a framework for our eCommerce experiences, elucidating the required, idea platform and functionality. 


Our UX/UI design process prioritises simplicity and functionality. We are guided by strategy throughout the whole process and consistently refer back to our shared initial vision for the site and its function.

Test and Refine

Once developed, we put the site to the test. We act as end consumers and explore the site in meticulous detail, combing through any sticking points and refining them, for an uninterrupted, accommodating path to purchase that drives sales and entices repeat purchase.

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