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What Does Website Design Cost?

A question we often get asked is how much does small business website design cost. This is something most small business owners will be wondering as they look to bring their businesses into the online space by investing in a quality website, or upgrading an existing one.

Small Business Website Design

We take a look why website design is important for small businesses.

Website design Checklist

In the website design space, great design innovation is essential.

Brave Subscription Packages

Our brave digital subscription packages are here. Here's how they could grow your business.

The Subscription Generation

Subscription models are based on affordability, transparency and mutual growth. With our brave subscriptions proudly launching this week, we thought we’d provide a little background on why we think subscriptions are the smart way forward.

Time to Be Brave

As any small business owner knows, it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to earn a new one. If you’re in a niche or industry feeling the brunt of the downturn, your first priority should be to nurture your existing relationships with a simple content marketing strategy.

Marketing in Uncertain Times

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) having an unprecedented impact on businesses globally, the current demand for marketing and advertising has been cast into question. Digital marketing is an interesting space, as while ad spend will naturally decrease as SMB’s tighten expenditure, digital marketing is by far the most viable, cost-effective and measurable way to meet audiences at home.

Time for Change: Developing Brave Partnerships

For over a decade, we’ve been helping our clients be brave. Because to start a business is. Taking that leap of faith. Challenging the status quo. That courage is what inspires us and drives our work each day. But lately, we decided it was time for us to get a little braver too.

Website application design

 We decided to take a look at these and how they are relevant to businesses looking to improve their digital platforms or online customer experiences.

Website Design Predictions

Website design is ever-changing, driven by trends, technological advancements and consumer preferences. Here are some of our predictions for website design in the coming year.

Shopify vs WooCommerce

You have a brand, a product, and you’re ready to get selling. But which eCommerce platform should you use?

Brand Strategy Essentials

Whether you’re trying to understand an existing brand, or develop a new one, strategy is essential.

What's your type?

As any design geek will tell you, your font is more than just a pretty face. It’s a crucial component of your brand identity and how you communicate.

That's a wrap

We took a look at the current state of packaging and at the businesses who are paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

Finding your voice in SEO

With 30% of all website sessions to be conducted without a screen by next year, voice search is taking the digital world by storm.

The evolution of e Commerce

In 1979 Michael Aldrich invented the first transaction processing computer. When the internet became a public resource in 1991, the ability to buy and sell online soon followed.

eCommerce Web Design Trends

When the internet became a public resource in 1991, the ability to buy and sell online soon followed.

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